TMW Presents: Collateral - Non Plus Ultra (Dirty C battle)

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TMW Presents: Collateral - Non Plus Ultra (Dirty C battle)

Post by RedWhite1017 on Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:09 am

Yeah, muthafuckaa

Watch out for this...

[1] 0 12
My style is long feared, dangerous and vicious,
You're like robbed whores - fucking broke bitches
You took the mic to battle me, ain't even worried
Can't wait to see your face later, all scared and sorry
Keep that shit far away, that's just a bunch of child talk
Your life in danger pray, i shoot niggas off the sidewalk
Time to run, start considering the wide route*
Otherwise it will be mic check, two lines and knockout
Your sister's cardiac arrest, when i pulled my cock out,
Says you should watch what the fuck you talk about
- yeah...
- uh...
Even if i start farting rhymes, you don't stand a chance,
My name is the barrier that won't let you advance
I believe you raised the bar, even tho you're a liar
But let the 6'10 nigga grab it, and raise it even higher.
I lay down a world class model and dont even pay her,
You can't lay it if its below fifty-two, like a rummy player.**
As soon as i click, and my gun goes boom and bang
There will be no comeback, like a broken boomerang,
Your honey blows my cock as it was a fucking flute,
I'm a long time coming, my career is no fluke,
Pull my guns like Lucky Luke, and i shoot your set back,
Faster than light, so you feel pain combined with jetlag,

[Beat Continues]


This is non plus ultra, the best and last word (x4)

You're like a old picnic blanket, you'll never get laid,
Gimme all the crowns that exist, this a lyrical raid,
Death in this situation, something you can't evade,
As my punches rip you up, like a fucking grenade,
Your time won't come yet, it has been delayed.
I'm not even tryin', why sweat for what i already got paid,
Even if i win, it ain't such a huge honor,
After this is done, you can call yourself COLE GONER,
crash the head board of rap to become the best of all,
It's like a Shaq attack on the mic as the boards fall ***
I'm proven as the best of the best, something you keep forgetting,
You already tired as fuck and do you see me even sweating? (haha)
My bank account seen more numbers than the life of a math tutor
The call me Laser Gun Jay, because I'm a STRAIGHT SHOOTER.****
Yo I keep seeing thumbs up whenever i rap..
You only see thumbs up when you call a cab, ha-ha
Steppin into every hood like: Mofucka que pasa
One punch will send you to the moon like NASA YO!
I'm Jedi Mind, NWA, Wu and A Tribe Called Quest
You just a dumb street nigga that scores a few bullets thru yo chest
Constantly expanding like a plague, nigga you jelly
See me on the telly, if shit is heated i put ma nigga emmet on
And slice your body till i see your fucking skeleton
I won't stop kicking till i break every bone

Then I grab my 32 like Carl fucking Malone*****
You glad saying I'm gone, you mean gone too far
I'm like the sun, nigga, a heated fucking star
Dirty C' tryna reach me, problem is that he's slow,
Unlike him I'm on point like a fucking freethrow******
I was with yo sis, she was hanging on my sack
Then I gave her some good D' like Shaq WHOA!
Yo my brothers are Will, C' and the circle,
Your brothers are McPhee, Ricky and Urkel *******
I throw darkness on the scene, absorb the sun light,
And shock you with rhymes that turn your fuckin skin white,
Or at least make it change every shade of brown
I'm about to drop the mic, so run before i hunt your ass down...

*Wide route is a running tactic in NFL. On paper it looks kinda spread out, and in this line it's supposed to visualize how cole's gang will run away when they see me.
**In Rummy you need your hand to be the sum of 52 to open up on the table (lay it down). It's a worldplay.
***Another play. Shaq attack on the boards reffering to O'Neal's broken backboard history. In this line boards refer to head boards of rap game. People who are on top.
**** Laser or ray guns shoot in a fine straight line... "Straight shooter"
***** #CM32
****** On point sounds like ONE point. A freethrow in basketball is worth one point.
******* While I'm hanging out with Temple gangsters, he's hanging out with gay and stupid 90's sitcom characters

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