Dirty C - Blood Pool (**TMW DISS**) [OLR]

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Dirty C - Blood Pool (**TMW DISS**) [OLR]

Post by 10colej on Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:44 am

[[ Beat - 0:21 ]]

[Verse 1]:
When I grab the ruger slug, you'll land in a pool of blood//
This stupid thug 'bout to eat his words if he plan to beef wit' Dirt'//
You'll land in mud like the pest you are, cuz' i'll smash this bug//
Cuz' I rap wit' love, you just see it as a business though//
You better off to suck dick for dough, cuz' you can't spit or flow//
You're so livid low, I could pick ya' flow, until this little hoe//
Ain't got shit to throw at me, cuz' lyrically, you ain't passin' me//
You ain't shootin' me, you think you cappin' me? Fool, this is blasphemy//
So keep it on the mic, you'll end up wit' dead goons if you blastin' me//
Cuz' i'm laughing, flee if you thinkin' of thoughts that ain't lyrically raw//
Think like that? Then you'll really have a reason to "fear the law"//
So i'm beatin' this hoe until his breathing is critical//
And I ain't stoppin' the track until I keep reaching the pinacle//

End up in a blood pool, if you ever think like a dumb fool//
That'll get you killed, if you ain't got skills like a thug do//
Cuz' real thugs can peel slugs, not just steal drugs//
Try shit like that, when nig'z steal, end up gettin' their wig peeled//
[[ x 2 ]]

[Verse 2]:
Like I ain't reached it yet, I think I proved myself after I beat this vet//
Got nothing to lose? I'll keep the rest and hang you dry, then leave you wet//
Talkin' cardiac arrest? Diss my sister, get a heart attack when I start to rap//
And let's not talk about your sibling, she an ugly bitch so i'll spark the rat//
You already forgot the fact that I made you, and gave you tutors, bitch//
Now you acting ludacris? Like a vetaran? But i've been doing this//
When you was in your mom's uterus, I should've got the chance to shoot the bitch//
So this stupid shit wouldn't have happened when I started rapping//
Now i'm sparking and capping so much I forgot what happened//
Picnics? You never got laid, or got paid, your dick's limp//
Your shit was not raid ; mine's a blockade, so fall back before you're shot, ay//
And no bitches on your dick ; who would fuck an ugly big chimp//
Emmet won't give gats enough ; he'll laugh it up and tell you to pack it up//
So you won't be packin' guns ; we'll be the ones that'll be strappin' up//
Then we'll roll to Temple and roll down the window, while I smoke on the indo//
And throw the butt at you while we roll past you, and hit the stick like limbo//
Callin' yourself Wu-Tang? I think this fool's insane//
Either you on crack, or your thoughts are wack, maybe you're doing caine//
Thumbs? I'm countin' through cash, I already got green thumbs//
And I don't harvest loud, but I keep it silent and poppin' when I bring drums//
So fuck this hoe, i'll fuck wit' his flow, 'till his injuries aren't clinical//
So this imbecile don't understand my rhymes are difficult ; maybe that's why he's cynical//
Not his attitude, but his raps is rude ; that won't stop the mission yo'//
Cuz' my mission is to keep dissin' hoes, until no one's ever heard of this little ho'//


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