Redd - Wu Remastered (DirtyC/OLR diss)

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Redd - Wu Remastered (DirtyC/OLR diss)

Post by RedWhite1017 on Wed Nov 05, 2014 8:08 pm

Listen, yo..

[Intro] 0:14
What took you so long, i hope you ain't outta words
This is just the beginning, I'm just sharpening my swords
Sup with your songs? Seen more creativity in MS-DOS
Name 2 people hyped for it: Your cuzzin and the label boss

Ye you it heard right, It's the return of the king
Pussy ass, leave you blind, after you see my bling
You at the PD, finished your usual singing
Snitch ass nigga, ain't no cellphones - it's dem tecs ringin
Drop that fucking mic, it wasn't made for you
The mic is stuck in my hand, like i was playing with glue
Burn you village down, and your eye will end up blue
So I guess I sent you into RENTIN' like the route 342*
Yea, your label growing, about go off like BOOM!
Haha.. As i recall it's just a house with one room.
One room, with just a mixer and mic
Yea' you a rap star, call yourself whatever you like
But the people know, and the scene knows...
Who's the illest and realest making like a G' dough
This the dopest track ever, pure total fire
As I look at you, i see you fit perfectly under my tire

You expect a comeback, wait, did you even diss?
Your sister pleasures herself while listenin to this
I pull out my zastavas, meanest thug so far
The only zastava you roll with is the fucking car**
Everytime I go live, the place is gonna blow
Everytime I go live, thousands of bitches in the first row
Hold the fuck up, I think I see your fucking mother
That's low level shit. dissin' me? Why you even bother
You know I'ma destroy you lil' ass sooner or later
At the battle can't figure when they laugh at you more - Sooner or later...
Yea you reached your pinnacle, so let's say you reached my waist
Put your coffin in the freezer, so you can be that cold case
Nigga I got millions of dope rhymes, maybe you want some?
Everything you say about my sister is true.. - kiddin', i ain't got none..
Shoot everything at you, even tho it was a extended clip
I hear you in da whore biz now.. So tell me who is your pimp?
Your girlfriend is constantly wet, when she's in my ride
Your career is about to go downhill, like a landslide
Enough hard spittin', I'ma put away my choppas
I'm about to go old school and drop bombs on motherfuckers.

*Route 342 is a bus route to Renton [sounds like rentin' (houses)]
** zastava gun - zastava car ((click to open img))

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