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Post by Jason on Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:27 pm

Gun Dealers are well organized , criminal group selling illegal weapons to the customers interested in such things, mostly to Afican-Americans that are affiliated to the street gangs.The Gun Dealers are a team that sell gusn and make their best to produce as much money as possible from the guns they have sell.Every Ten Years there is a new Boss chosen for business.And thats how Daniel Sparrow raised up as a Boss.
Lets start from the begining.
Daniel Sparrow wanted always to make money and live richly and powerfully.He had a friend called Robby,Rob was part of this organization that led to money-making glory.Rob had invited Daniel to work with him at this organization so both of them could make money and do something with their lives.Daniel with nothing to do , he accepted Rob's offer.Daniel had met alot of powerful people in the organization that led him to being powerful aswell. Daniel had met alot of workers and most importantly their Boss - Mr.Chow.
Mr.Chow was a decent man , he had a pure heart he had made it to the top and succed in his career.
So there i was making money out of guns , every day for Ten years.Eventually Rob wanted to leave the organization as the Co-Boss.
He got strumpled up by corrupted Cops on his way out of the factory and jailed for atleast Twenty Years in Federal Prison.
Mr.Chow and I had disscussed about his position and who is going to be the new Co-Boss.Sadly when we were talking about that , Mr.Chow decided to Retire himself from the Organization once and for all , he was old enough and he couldent be around the factory anymore like he was back in the days.The 'Boss' Position was left to me , who would of knew  the mighty Daniel Sparrow would get this position one day? Well i did get it and im proud of my work.The CEO of Pig Pen and Boss of Gun Dealers . I felt powerful enough to destroy.
Today i am having two other workers in the factory that are helping me quite enough , their names are Joey and Jase.
I gave a promise to Mr.Chow and i will succed in it.

If you are wondering on how to join the [GD] Gun Dealers , well it isnt very simple but you must follow serval rules before going into the factory or meeting us out of it.
Make sure you create your own character , how your going to do things infront of the Gun Dealers , bassicaly how to introduce yourself.
You always must roleplay that your feared from us , like we dont want you to just come to the Factory and be like " yo whats good , im tryna join yall " , i expect from you to do better than that. Be more creative about your Character's Roleplay with /me's and /do's .
Also make sure you are not a rulebreaker or ghopper becouse you will have lack of chances in being accepted.

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Post by Big_Mero on Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:23 am

Nice piece of story.

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