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† Temple Drive Ballas † - Expectations

Post by 40oz on Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:54 am

Rules IC & OOC

- Always follow server rules don't try be sneaky for any advantages, we're everyone on the same line.
- Keep friendly atmosphere, if you're having bad day and don't feel like co-operating, simply don't connect and fix your stuff.
- BE realistic, HAVE emotions these are the keys to original RP because It's you, don't show stereotypes no body likes that.
- Keep OOC in limits when in game, It's okay to ask if you're wondering something or if It's anyhow related to current situation, trolling is for kids.
- Don't provoke other factions, you're representing the whole bunch and every action comes with effect.
- Exiting turf without reason, strictly forbidden.You can meet someone but first call them and arrange something, don't speed around looking for possible scenes.
- When you're in turf, you're allowed to stay armed but in limits something you can hide and protect yourself.Remember you are breaking law so don't complain if you need to pay for it.
- Staying active on forums, at least post screenshots once / twice in week showing that you're still here.


All kind of extra what you try to bring with in faction is noticed and will affect your career here, if your seriously down to create something out of this you put your mind and energy to have great time playing.Don't cling on faction members, remember there's ups and downs in everything, if you're one supporting faction through hardtimes, that's more noticeable than being all in when there's everyone else doing so.

In order to stay, represent and most important enjoy this faction you need to follow rules everytime, seriously everytime there's no time to fuck around and have fun with some rulebreaking.What I'm aiming here is to be number one role model in professional role play and show what role play supposed to be.I've seen enough of hypocrite people firing shots and crying at other players for their rulebreakingwhen everyone's actually guilty for it.This faction is not going to be one of those who fill report player section and has bad reputation because of its rulebreaking and not giving fuck attitude members.

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