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† Temple Drive Ballas † - Neighborhood

Post by 40oz on Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:41 pm

Here's common and public places of our turf which you can count in when you are roleplaying, when you speak in phone with gang fella you can example guide him to Chinese food boutique at Phoenix Lane or Cluclin Bell at Bishop's.

Elwood Flats wrote:Elwood Flats is the main apartments where Markets residents stay.It's 70% Afro-American, 15% Caucasian and rest is multi-racial ranging from European to Asian people.Many murder cases has led here and It's criminal activity is on the rise because of local gang controlling it.Flats residents are very colorful from regular Afro families to addicts who stay in smallest apartments in lowest level.Flats are in two levels and upper level has larger apartments 50 square meters and lower 25 square meters.Each apartment has small balcony designed in it.Hot water and electricity comes along rent and upper levels has comfortable bathtubs installed in bathroom areas.Flats is named after It's creator, engineer James Elwood.

Main Boulevard wrote:This is Boulevard which goes through Elwood Flats on the right, All Saints hospital and Central Park to the left.End of Boulevard there's few boutiques on sidewalks like Phat Disc's and also local lower class pub where residents usually spend time weekends.Central Park has It's benches and swings removed by government due of lack of respect towards them.It's banned to walk on grass and park is only staying to cut lanes and for tourists.

Main Intersection wrote:Here's first intersection as arriving to Market.End of Main Boulevard you arrive to Phoenix lane which is filled with shops from every flavor and a lot small alleyways which leads to shops storage areas where they import and export their goods.One of the largest businesses is Donut's Shop on corner of Phoenix and 110th Road and Market's known Underground Club located at end of Phoenix.

110th Road wrote:This is one of the busiest roads in Market, it has smaller mall of the area standing and it has cheapest and largest grocery shop which is very populated by locals.Parking lot is favorite place to hang out for the younger people and mall guard is known to change often because of all the conflicts between the two.

Bishop's wrote:Bishop's is small way between Edgar Boulevard and 110th Road.It has biggest fast food supplier of the area Clucin Bell and is very populated because of being one of the 24/7 brand businesses.It's drive thru was shut down because of numerous take and run situations and inside it has bars installed between counter and restaurant area.To the right side there's alleyway which works as dumpster for larger trash and It's emptied every Sunday by government.

South Intersection wrote:This is almost end of the Market, Edgar Boulevard and Bishop's.One lane continues to right but It's not controlled by local gang so this is Southern border.Eastern part of Edgar Boulevard has Los Santos number one mall and handful of other businesses from time to time throughout it.

Edgar Boulevard wrote:Western part of Boulevard includes Vinyl Countdown records shop and It's also headquarters of Blastin' Fools Records with studio built in.There's no more apartments or possibility to stay in at Southern part of Market and It's mostly taken by these large corporations and operated by passing by traffic.

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