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.: [V] Los Santos Vagos - Information :.

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The Story

On the streets of Los Santos, there are a numerous amount of gangs lurking, each of them looking to own the most territory or to simply earn money and respect. Many of them are each unique in different ways such as the race they are, the color they represent or the moral's they believe in. One of them being the Los Santos Vagos. The formation of the Los Santos Vagos is shrouded in mystery. They likely evolved from either East Beach, Los Flores, East Los Santos or Las Colinas. History regarding their gang wars with the Grove Street Families and the Varrios Los Aztecas is also unknown - likely due to aggressive territorial expansion and crack-cocaine influence. Their hostilities towards the Grove Street Families has increased over the years due to their weakening - which the Vagos see as an opportunity to possibly take over. The Vagos also have a dislike of the Ballas; again, it is unknown as to why.Prior to 1992, they controlled northern East Los Santos. This is evidenced by CJ's reaction to OG Loc directing CJ to northern East Los Santos to find and kill Freddy during the mission OG Loc. CJ states, "Ain't this Vagos' hood?". This is due to CJ being away from Los Santos for five years and not been knowledgeable on the current situation of the gangs. During 1992, the area is actually controlled by the Ballas instead. Likewise, a Vagos gang house remains in the area - which is destroyed during the mission Burning Desire. Since northern East Los Santos was once part of Vagos territory before falling under Ballas control in 1992, there must have been either a gang war or an agreement between the Ballas and the Vagos at some point. The Los Santos Vagos also had a strong rivalry with the San Fierro Rifa prior to 1992. However, they form an agreement to cease hostilities for the interest in the drugs trade (especially crack cocaine) in relation to Big Smoke's crack empire.

This generation of the Los Santos Vago's was currently ran by two Cuban brothers, Andre and Alonso Rodriguez. Bought up in Havana, Cuba, the two struggled to live in their own home since their Father, Roberto Rodriguez, was a notorious mafia kingpin and he wasn't around to support the boy's during their childhood. Their poor, innocent Mother, Adriana Rodriguez, bought them up with the help of her Brother, Sister, Mother and Father. Andre and Alonso's grandparent's owned a big house on an island nearby Cuba and the boy's went to stay there when their Mother got held back at work. Andre being the older brother, treated his younger brother Alonso like god since he knew his responsibilities. He also loved his mother to bit's and would go to the distance to protect and love her as much as he could. In the early 90's, the pair found out that their father had died in Los Santos so immediately, the brother's moved out of Cuba to Vice City to try and seek revenge on the individual's who had killed their father. At first, the brother's each found jobs and worked for a couple of years, not knowing any information about Vice City. As time went on, Andre and Alonso realised that the killers were not to be found in Vice city so they knew there had to be one more place, Los Santos. When they arrived in LS, they met their uncle El Mero Mero but he wasn't in a good condition since he was getting old. Andre and Alonso stayed with him at his bed side until he passed away in the middle of the night, the brother's were extremely upset by their uncle's loss. Before his passing, El Mero Mero had told them all the information they needed to know about Los Santos and before he passed, he specifically said to Andre to continue the reign as Jefe of the Los Santos Vagos. All of El Mero Mero's familia (The gang) fled without coming to his funeral. This left Andre and Alonso able to try and revive the clique. Alongside this, the mafia that killed their father apparently were in the state of San Andreas in hiding from the police. This was great news to Andre since he could set about to find them and to seek revenge.It turns out that the killers of both their Father and Uncle have fled the city for an unknown reason. Not having the money to return to their hometown of Havana, they decided to live in San Andreas permanently. Now they rule the streets of East Los Santos, Los Flores and East Beach, hoping to continue the legacy that their uncle had passed on. What may behold them in their future?

Around a week later, Andre and Alonso disappear mysteriously so without any hesitation, Hector declares himself the Jefe of the Los Santos Vago's. About one month later, Umberto Robina, one of Hector's best friends flee's from Vice City because of increased threats towards him and his former gang, the Los Cabrones. Umberto told all of his old amigo's to go back home to their families and so they did. Umberto's cousins, Juan Robina decided to travel with Umberto to Los Santos. The two of them are currently living in a house in East Beach and are apart of the Los Santos Vago's.

A few weeks on and things were going well with the ganga'. Suddenly out of the blue, the police arrived and arrested Hector Gomez for an unknown reason. The prison sentence? 'Over 25 years or even for life'. Umberto and the rest of the crew were left depressed and unsure about what to do next. Suprisingly, the pronounced dead El Mero Mero made a hysterical appearance and left the Vago's in even more shock; Mero was welcomed back into the gang immediately and announced the new Mano Derecha by Umberto himself. The gang hope to continue to rule the streets of the North and East side's of LS without Hector's help, although, he will be missed but never forgotten. The next chapter in the story reveals yet another shocking blow to the crew.

One night, Umberto receives a phone call from Andre Rodriguez, who is somehow related to him as well as Mero. Andre tells Umberto that his father is sick with influenza and needs his sons attention; the following day Umberto and Juan both say their goodbyes to the Vago's and head back to Cuba straight away. Instead, to replace Umberto's reign as the Jefe, Mero and Umberto's two nephews, Andre and Alonso Rodriguez, made a return and were treated with the utmost respect by the fellow gang members: Andre of course took the lead once again. Umberto gave them permission to move into his house and to own his two vehicles. Andre, being the oldest one had the money to pay for the insurance of the house and two vehicles but Alonso didn't and so he had to continue to use the normal gang vehicles provided for any of the fellow Vago gang members. Umberto said he may return one day but doubts are high for that at this moment in time.

Hispanic Word Definitions
(To all of those who are new to Latino RP)

Hola = Hello
Que Pasa? = How're you?
Orale = Ok
Ese/Holmes/Homito/Hombre = Homie
Amigo = Friend
Si = Yes
Mi = My
Nombre = Name
Si'mon = Of course
Firme = Fine
Pendejo = Idiot, Stupid or Dumbass
Pinche = Fuck
Puto/Puta = Male/Female prostitute
Carrucha/Ranfla = Car
Cojones' = Balls/Testicles
Casa = House
La Jura = The Police
Negro = Black Male
Guero = White Male
Hermano = Brother
Madre = Mother
Padre = Father

(These are the main words you'll probably be using whilst RP'ing as a Vago member. If they're anymore key words I have missed out, feel free to contact me in game or via the forums.)

Do's and Dont's

IC Rules

Do not disrespect any of the official member of the familia or else you'll be dealt with physically.
Do not leave the hood by yourself, always stay within the owned territory. (Yellow colour on the mini map)
Do not start beef with other gangs without your Jefe's permission.
Do not show racism towards the Latino race as this would be extremely offensive towards the members of the familia.
Do not make your own rules up, you have to go by what the Jefe, Mano Derecha or a high rank is telling you.
Lastly, just use your own common sense.

OOC Rules

People who become an official member and then leave after a short period of time for another faction will be faction banned.
If you're going inactive, always post the reason on the Discussion section so that the rest of the faction knows.
The obvious one's, never MG or PG.
All members MUST make an account on the forums to be updated with what's going on with the community and our faction.
People that are not a Veterano' or above are unable to choose a private skin, you have to select the normal Vago skin. (Unless you're a donator)
Do not flame or insult any other members of the community.

(If any of these rules are broken once, you will be let off with a warning. Any rules broken more than once by each individual member will result in an automatic faction kick).

Neighborhood regiments

Las Colinas

Regiment Leader


Regiment Members


East LS/Los Flores

Regiment Leader


Regiment members


East Beach

Regiment Leader


Regiment Members



(This territory system only applies when there are a load of V members IG at one time, approximately 5+ members so keep this in mind.)



[TDB] Temple Drive Ballas


[GD] Gun Dealers

[TS] Top Shotta's


[GS] Grove Street Families

[SBF] Seville Boulevard Families

[TDF] Temple Drive Families

[IB] Idlewood Ballas

[JB] Jefferson Ballas

[KTB] Kilo Tray Ballas

[Varios] Varrios Los Aztecas

Rank Structure



Mano Derecha










Away from the barrio





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