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Temple Drive Families - Information

Post by Chris on Tue Aug 12, 2014 1:08 pm

The Temple Drive Families one of the most dangerous and brutal gangs in Los Santos , located in Temple and a little part of Vinewood.Members are always seen wearing dark green colours and being usually armed with weapons, not to mention the problem with the Los Santos Police Department due the big amount of criminal activites such as vandalism, murder-cases, robberies, arm dealing and all alot of other illegal things.Temple is one of the few gangs in Los Santos, which fights against drugs, such as "cocaine/crack/heroin".Temple Drive Families used to be a member of OGF (among with Grove Street Families and Seville Boulevard Families), but the Families felt apart, as a result starting a big war between these 3 sets, wearing green.Although the times passed and alot of soldiers were deceased, all three sets decided to make truce and unite the Families once again to stand up together.
Temple Drive Families as a set of Families, mostly focuses on their main rivals, "Ballas".One of the most brutal wars in Los Santos history is the war between Temple Drive Families and Temple Drive Ballas, also known as Markets, located down south to Temple, at Market.This big conflict started from the very first day, when Ballas moved to North side of Los Santos.For the past years Temple Drive Ballas don't show any response to Temple Drive Families after their big attacks.Although Market isn't the only district which beefs with Temple Drive Families, other three Ballas sets such as Idlewood Ballas, Kilo Tray Ballas and Rolling Heights Ballas are in a deep conflict with Temple Drive Families too.

Having a ranking structure based on how long a person is in the set, they're not as disorganized and disoriented as the authorities believe, supposedly having connections with weapons trafficking cartels, as well as other gangs around the city.

One of Temple Drive Families attacks on their old rivals, Seville Boulevard
, by TDF's highest members, Piru, Chris and Pernell.

A drive-by attack performed by several Temple Drive Families members on their rivals, Kilo Tray Ballas from Glen Park

Putting in work for the gang.It's not a simple meaning on the street.This word combination includes, tagging up not only your own neighbourhoods walls, but the rivals too, brawling against the rival gang members, and sometimes, if you're young member who just joined the set, it means even killing someone.Always have to understand, that there's always a big risk to die on the streets, because the rules on the street are - THERE ARE NO RULES!.It's do or die.It's all about being loyal to your neighbourhood, your homies and of course, the top OG's.Putting work for the hood means you earn your respect, and climb the ladder of rank system.Never, ever bring the pigs to the hood, that's a backstab for the homies and the hood.

Being loyal to your crew and your hood.It's almost the most important thing, if you're down with the hood, it means you live here, you die here, always have to protect Temple from the rival gang members doing something here.Not only doing here, never allow them do anything here, because you have to show them where are they, and what trouble they got it.It's simple, if they don't have dark green colours on their backs, beat the crap out of them

Now we got to talk about respect.It's the most important thing in the gang system.Respect builds everything, it's like the basics.In Temple it's very not only to respect the highest memebers, but you have to respect even the little hangroundas' who just showed up to Temple to put in work.With respect to your homies, you got to show respect to your hood, and to the work you put in for this gang, because it's your home and you're here till you die.

Every gang has it's legends, and of course Temple Drive Families has it's own legends too.

[TDF]Piru - The man who brought Temple Drive Families back on the map, a real king, will be respected in Temple for ever .Although being locked up in the jail currently.A long time ago, when Big H was deceased and Temple Drive Families was with out a leader and was almost nothing, Piru as a member of Big H's crew, brought Temple Drive Families back on it's top, with assistance of Chris and BlackEagle, forming a "Big Three" of leaders around Temple.

[TDF]Chris - One of the most loyal members in Temple Drive Families, climbed up the rank ladder to be the King-Pin of the hood, while Piru is away.Is the second members of the "Big Three" Known as a brutal gang-member, especially when it comes in to put in work for the hood, being very agressive in massive gang conflicts against rival gangs.Been down for Temple Drive Families, since Piru took the wheel, and always been Piru's righ-hand.

[TDF]BlackEagle - The last member of the "Big Three".Eagle used to be in Big H's crew, together with Piru and alot of other ex-Temple Drive Families members such as Tony, Baron, Cuzz and alot of others.Always been a very loyal gang-member, and always was ready to work for the hood, because earning respect is  everything for Eagle.Although it's been a while since Eagle last time was on the streets of Temple, rumours say that Eagle is locked up in San Fierro jail.

[TDF]Groove - Joined the gang later then the rest of the legends, but GK is a big name in the neighbourhood, went up just from a hangrounda' to be one of the main OG's around the hood.GK is very known for his agressive style against rival gang members.Has a big love for cars, as he owns his own workshop down in Temple, which is a big money making thang for GK.Own's him self a solid V8 Savanna.One of the most loyal and longest staying members in Temple, is like a right hand to Chris

[TDF]Pernell - Although he joined Temple Drive Families , later then the previous legends, he been one of the main OG's in the gang, a true gang-banger, if it was about 187 and grabbing the big tools, like AK-47 or a Shotgun, then Pernell was one of the best in the gang.Pernell is one of the most dangerous and the best shotgun-shooters in Temple Drive Families history. Pernell liked to give a very hard time to the new-commers, what made him very special in the gang.No wonder the Ballas were always hidding deep, when Chris, Piru and Pernell were on the hunt.


[GS] - Grove Street Families
[SBF] - Seville Boulevard Families

[GD] - Gun Dealers

[IB] - Idlewood Ballas
[KTB] - Kilo Tray Ballas
[JB] - Jefferson Ballas
[TDB] - Temple Drive Ballas
[Varios] - Varrio Los Aztecas
[V] - Vagos
[TS] - Top Shottas

Credits go to
[TDF]Chris and [TDF]Will
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