Kilo Tray Ballas - Friends and Foes

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Kilo Tray Ballas - Friends and Foes

Post by Arabian Shot on Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:01 am


Idlewood Ballas - [IB]

- Strong relationship, chill with them and you can plan attacks.

Jefferson Ballas - [JB]

- Not as close, but are allies, you may chill with them and plan attacks.

Top Shottas - [TS]

- Main source for drugs. Cheaper drugs in exchange for protection.


Temple Drive Ballas - [TDB]

-Don't chill with them But nor attack them, Staying away from eachothers hoods.

Varios Los Aztecas - [Varios]

- Have never been seen in along time, you shouldn't worry about them too much.

Los Santos Vagos - [V]

Haven't cause us trouble, you should not focus your attacks on them aslong as they don't provoke us or attack.

Gun Dealers - [GD]

- Good relationship with them, our main source for guns.


Grove Street Families - [GS]

-Always focus attacks on them, we strongly dislike Grove Street. Destroy them all.

Seville BLVD Families - [SBF]

-Focus attacks on, we dislike them too and should be taken cared of as well like all the family sets.

Temple Drive Families - [TDF]

-Al though rarely seen, you should focus attacks on them as they been a problem in the pass.

- If an Enemy faction receives a red star, it means we are in war and should only focus on them on all attacks/brawls and ofc laylow at all times.

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