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Kilo Tray Ballas - Information

Post by Arabian Shot on Sun Aug 10, 2014 11:58 pm

Kilo Tray Ballas is an Afro-American street gang located in Glen Park. They are one of the main balla sets and one of the most dangerous street gangs in LS. Kilo Tray Ballas is the main drug operating set in the balla sets. Kilo Tray members are often seen around Glen Park and the skatepark, but mostly around glen park and it's blocks. They are often seen wearing purple clothing, and black clothing they are easily seen selling drugs, holding weapons, drinking, smoking and playing a large amount of sports. Members are seen using melee weapons, sub-machine guns and pistols during the day time, but during night time they are seen very well armed with heavy weapons.

If you wish to join Kilo Tray Ballas, you must role-play with us for sometime, we do not accept out of character applications so don't send us personal messages or make a topic in the Kilo Tray section your message will simply just be ignored and deleted, same with your topic. This will also just lower your chance in joining the faction. We don't accept everyone, we do only accept active, respectful role-players. If you cannot follow the rules, or cannot role-play then do not attempt to join us. If you want to join you must write in our discussion topic on forums. Activity  is very important in this faction, we do not accept players who are active the first week and suddenly disappear after being made an official member. If you cannot come on for a reason simply just mention it to on the discussion topic or contact the gang leader or co-leader. Joining the faction can take up to a week or two, it all depends on how active and a respectful role-player you are.  When you first show up to a Kilo Tray member, we might say "We don't want you here around here, f*ck off kid!" or something like that. That does not mean you can’t come and role-play with us, you can always come and try again. And then we will see what you’re made of, and maybe some of the members in the group will respect you for your actions. As an outsider of Kilo Tray Ballas, you are not allowed to start any beef with an official member of Kilo Tray, no matter on the official members rank, and no matter who started the beef. We will first try and stop the beef, but if we can’t we will either; settle it with a hood fight, where only the two persons in the beef fight, and then the beef will hopefully stop – Or; We shoot down the outsider, and then the outsider cannot role-play with Kilo Tray, before he/she is given permission by Leader or Co-Leader. You are also not supposed to be running around other hoods provoking enemies. Since you are an outsider, you must chill with the members in the hood and follow their orders. We will look at your stats before deciding to make you an official member. The more you hood role-play and be creative, you will earn role-play points and respect points by other members. Hood role-play is very important in this faction, so go buy yourself a bat, guard the hood, get to know your hood. Have a couple of beers, buy cigarettes and play some dice. Even official members will ask you to grab a spray-can and tag up enemy hoods, always put in work. Theirs plenty of ways to role-play in the hood. Just remember be creative in your role-play. After me or the co-leader see how you're doing we will hand you a KTB rag icly.
As most gangs in Los Angeles represents two colors, so does Kilo Tray we represent purple and black, the reasons for representing purple is that we are a set from the gang, Ballas, so we have to represent this, and the reason for representing black is that every member in the gang is afro-american, every member is black in-character, so a black rag is needed. The black rag can we worn by outsiders and official Kilo Tray, but the purple rag is only worn by official members of Kilo Tray.The recruitment takes about one week – one month, depending on your active-level, roleplaying-level and your respectfulness, if you’re very active, respectful and roleplay a lot (Not the dumb /me’s like “/me lifts his foot, then lifts the other foot.) then it will take one week, if you are a bit active, but you fill the other stuff perfectly, it will take about two weeks, but if you’re not active at all, but you roleplay perfectly, then you will not get accepted. Activeness, respectfulness, and roleplaying is the three most important things at Kilo Tray, and we appreciate it a lot, when outsiders and official Kilo Tray members have these qualities. Do not ask for being recruited, or else it will be bad for you, in that way that shows you’re not patient enough to wait one week – one month. It is very needful to read every topic of the Kilo Tray section.

- Joining the faction can take up to a week or two possibly more, so I advice you post pictures of your roleplay on the gallery
It also depends on how you speak English, we do not recruit people that cannot make one proper sentence.
If you are going to join Kilo Tray Ballas you must know this:
- You must know how to use /me and /do proper. /me = [ACTION] - /do [ACTION DESCRIBE]
- If you take KTB skin and you don't find any members to rp with, do not pm/call/sms any of the KTB members asking them where they are (You don't know any of the members, you cannot call/sms them) so just wait until people show up.
- Never ask for a rank up or a tag via pm or IC (In Character), if you do it will lower your chances of joining and you'll have less respect then the other outsiders.
- ALWAYS hood roleplay no matter what. Get yourself strapped up and return back to the hood and role-play for the longest periods.
- Never attack without high ranked members permission, we are not a trigger happy faction. If you only care about that, then don't even join.
- The gang cars are for every member, and this has always been an issue never use them for useless reasons, if you use them ALWAYS return them back to the hood. If any high ranked member catches you abusing the gang cars you will be kicked!
- You must write in our discussions topic and active on forum also in Kilo Tray Ballas section, so we know you are going to join the gang.
- Dont disrespect your leader or other members.
- Never snitch to LSPD, or any other factions we are not affliated too. If we catch you it will be a kick.
- Think twice before you join our gang we want loyal members, not people who join and leave after 1 week because they got bored.
- Make sure you know all our rules in Kilo Tray Ballas, before joining the set. We got inactive periods of time so if you are going to leave when we go inactive do not even join.
If you dont have experience in gang roleplaying you can watch this video for an idea:
Acacia Block Crips: (SHORT)
Also you must know that Kilo Tray Ballas are based on Kelly Park Compton Crips.
Thats everything you need to know about joining Kilo Tray Ballas. If you think you're ready and you're gonna be a loyal member then good luck.

Credits to Apek, Jake & Shot

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