Top Shottas - Hierarchy

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Top Shottas - Hierarchy

Post by Manuro on Thu Aug 07, 2014 1:24 pm

[PCS]Mike[TS] - Idlewood Crew-leader.



Head's of the table - They're the ones running the organization, only a few people have met them because they're keeping theirselves on the low, they'll be responsible for the more important decisions.

Lieutenant's - The lieutenant's are responsible for running crews and acting as if they're in charge, they make the smaller decisions and control the streetdealers and enforcers.

Enforcers - They're the ones responsible for the safety of the cornerboys, they're always strapped and make sure every deal goes smooth. They're eligible to become a Lieutenant, Enforcers also get to meet the head's of the table as they advance from a streetdealer to a enforcer.

Streetdealers - They make sure the product gets sold and money gets brought in, they're supposed to be on the corners or in the terrority that their crew is in charge of.

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