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Post by Manuro on Thu Aug 07, 2014 12:06 pm

Top shottas also known as TS is a international drug organization established in Jefferson, their runners can be found through-out Los Santos on corners and such. They're known for drug-trafficking and controlling the drug market in Los Santos. They're often found violent and most of the members already got a record.


It's a hot summer night, Manuro was only 15 and was standing with his friends infront of the Willowfield 24/7. Earlier that day Manuro got into a fight with a punk just a few blocks away, it was a tense fight but Manuro managed to stand his man against the stronger build teenager but as for that, he left with a few bruises. After the fight was over the teenager shouted various threats at Manuro, he couldn't care less and pretended like he didn't hear a single word. There was a breese setting up and Manuro and his friends were close to going home as when they saw a black car with tinted windows pull up to the shop. Manuro approached the unknown vehicle as when the windows lowered and two shotguns appeared. Marcus quickly dunked towards the pavement but it was to late for his friend Michael who just showed up without a clue of what would happen to him. * BANG * BANG * BANG * could be heard from a few blocks away as Michael dropped to the ground as a bag of sand, blood was dripping from the shot wounds and the car was gone before you knew it. In a attemp to rescue his friend Manuro quickly dialed 911 but god didn't allow it and so did Michael die, brutally murdered over a teenage fight.


A few years later after Michael's incident took place, Manuro was still on the block trying to make a living, he was now turning 17 and was driving from time to time in a rental. He gathered some local friends and made a small time crew consisting of Dwayne which was a friend from highschool and Jason, a friend who supported him after Michael died. All three of them were smalltime drugdealers, selling not more then five grams a time. Manuro always had leading skills, when walking in a group he was the one deciding what to do and where to go, he was always walking infront of everyone and everyone followed him. During his time as a small-time drugdealer Manuro had various encounters with the LSPD and other law enforcement agency's. He got arrested twice for being in the possesion of drugs and he developed his ways of drug-dealing alot during these past years, he continued drug-dealing but on a larger schale at that time and improved his manners of doing so.


It was now 2007, Manuro turned 20 and was throwing out a party at a friends house. During that time Manuro was already known on the street by local residents and addicts. He became big doing what he did even if he just sold 10 gram at a time, he sold good stuff and customers were satisfied. During the house-party Jason got into a beef with a thug that represented another gang that was located in Idlewood. Manuro did what everyone would do and came up for Jason, sending the thug a cheapshot on his left Cheek. After the fight the thug left the house and came back with three friends all armed with a knife, Manuro who took no risk immediatly responded by withdrawing his .44 from his closet, he cocked the hammer and before you knew it four shots were fired, all on target! The house party got shutdown and everyone went home spreading the word about the incident. The story managed to find his way all up to idlewood where the gang heard it for the first time. They were furious! As soon as possible they got to willowfield. As usual Manuro was standing on the corner, selling dope. He was alone and a addict came by, he quickly 'shook his hand' and continued doing whatever he was doing. As Marcus was standing on the corner, a black car with tinted windows appeared, slowly pulling up to the spot where Manuro was standing. Manuro reconized the car from a incident that took place almost 8 years ago, without hesitation Marcus withdrawed his gun emptying his clip on it, he then ran as soon as possible into the alley and dissapeared. The day after Manuro was no-where to be found, all three of the gangmembers who were in the car died on scene, rumors were spread that it was a gang vete and as soon as the story spread, as soon as it was over. Things were getting back to normal and it was safe for Manuro to return.


Manuro returned to Willowfield the other day and decided that it was time for a fresh start, he packed his bags and set out to Jefferson together with his friends. They rented a house with the drugmoney they had and continued doing what they were doing. Day by day they're getting more clients and day by day their pocket is becoming fatter, it's only a matter of time before the LSPD catches a eye on them.

On 14/6/2014 the FBI opened a case upon two individuals which are suspected to be involved in drug trafficking, extortion and organized crime.
There's currently a case on-going about these two individuals, the FBI thinks that there are more people involved with this who are suspected of working with these two criminals, for now the FBI won't come out with a final verdict about these unknown figures.


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