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Top Shottas - Rules

Post by Manuro on Thu Aug 07, 2014 12:06 pm

OOC/IC rules & information.


1. Show respect to your superiors IC & OOC.
2. Never leave a man behind, you ride & die together.
3. We don't wanna gain attention from the feds, so make sure that you lower your illegal activities in and around the drughouse to it's minimum.
4. You're permitted to wear a handgun when doing deals.
5. Money first, never give out the package before you got the money.


The OOC rules are quite simple, you mess up and you're out.
This is by no means a trolling faction and if you're here to misuse the faction or troll then i suggest you to leave and join LSPD. I do not work by a strike system so if i see that you're fucking up or behaving inappropiatly then i'll have you slip off the roster without notifying you.

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