† Temple Drive Ballas † - Information

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† Temple Drive Ballas † - Information

Post by 40oz on Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:32 pm

STORYLINE In Character wrote:July 6th 1999, Thomas Jones was released from Juvenile Corrections Center after violating community rules by his behavior in public while being intoxicated, numerous of times.Jones never wanted to return in his childhood home so he took little distance when moving to Central Market, near by Central Park.First guy who he met as named Denzel Banks and he was regular homeboy from Market too and they both began hanging out with local gang Temple Drive Ballas.First there was leader around set named Jay but he was wiped out by guy who he supposed to lead with, WY.WY manipulated members of gang to side up with him against Jay and literally everyone agreed.When WY took his kingpin spot, everything started to go better, some of these old bangers returned in set, TooShort, Jett, just to name a few.When gang hit decent amount of thugs, they began wilding out with drive-by's, tagging up, robberies and all kind of shit just to 'cause damn havoc.Problems with LSPD began but that never stopped them, faces changed here and there because of the lock-ups and snitching but TDB remained its activity.After glory period there's always that downhill and It started with backstabbing.People began losing their loyalty for WY and gang and they started to jump sets or just leave Market for better future, wonder how that's going.WY got depressed and began to fucking around with cocaine and anti-depressants, turning him even more colder in a good way, but reduced his ability to consider stuff.As TJ has climb up ranks during his gang bang career, he end up being assist for WY in his daily shit, but WY kept his habits for himself, eventually It would be exposed in hardcore way.TJ walk in his apartment finding out tape and started to play with thoughts of extortion or similar.He puts tape on and hears voice of WY, explaining his situation of frustration and depression about gangs fall and all the stress brought with it.Eventually tape shows how WY jumps off bridge while being wasted and TJ is shocked.This all came from nowhere and now he was the one taking care of everyone, when he couldn't even stop WY fucking around with drugs.With their small click TDB continued with their daily habits but you cannot say they were recognized or anything.Troops started losing hope and they all left TJ hanging from cliff, until when TJ almost lost it himself he saw an old school TDB returning to his hood.Guy was name Whizz who began to educate TJ about TDB's history and knowledge of gang banging, with money making, how to deal with enemies and so on.Now TJ is dragging himself up to get TDB back on its feet and hold down his hood.

Temple Drive Ballas as sub-faction

In SOLS history they are newest set and they don't have same legacy like example Idlewood or Glen Park ballas has.Gang differences a lot with other sets that belongs under name Ballas, they have turf in West of Los Santos in Market area which was once controlled by TDF but have gained it back.They're color is lighter than other ballas and in diplomacy they don't necessarily have truce with other ballas.They are sworn enemies with TDF (Families set) who is next to them just north from their turf.These two gangs are only gangs in West of Los Santos hence they are not too much under crossfire with others but it also maximizes rivalry between the two.

Temple Drive Ballas territory

They control area as big as TDF has, but much smaller than other ballas have probably due lack of residence.Market is unique hood in It's way having no sub-urban buildings neither high apartment complex projects but fights back with It's large amount businesses beside each other.Area has 24/7 where you can get supplies for your activities, smokable and drinkable products, also music system for joy, groceries for everyday living or heating up crack-cocaine.Like Idlewood has pizza and Temple burger place, Market is blessed with chicken joint Clucin Bell just West from Hospital / Central Park.Between them there's donut shop for dessert or munchies after getting high all day with your fellow gang members.Blasting Fools Records studio is usable for future artists if you searching for place to record your demo in and underground club gives opportunity to throw up some late night fun with whole Los Santos invited in.There's a lot alleyways too which leads into large empty plazas surrounded by buildings to create hood fights or commit narcotics crimes away from law.Ladders leading to rooftops gives advantage position and heads up if you manage to scope enemy approaching you for attack.

Becoming and being Temple Drive Balla

If you wish to try your luck with Temple Drive Ballas faction, first thing is to create character that's preferably under eighteen and its roots lead to Africa or Caribbean, generally black dominated countries.You need to have basic knowledge of English language, understandable and enough to create RP but not fluent.We have high role-play standards which would mean, instead of just knowing server rules (needed too) and knowing terms and use of commands you need to be able to come up with original role-play ideas and bring something to table.Trigger finger and ability to inhale is not enough.When you decide to join faction, It's easy to find us roleplaying around turf obviously, don't hesitate to start talking and get known us and most important be yourself, real recognize real.When we see you're dedication for faction, seen you come online with us several times and we invite you for missions, here starts your outsider period.Outsider period includes normal gang activities with us, kind of like you'd be part of gang already but other members surely will make fun of you and entertain themselves by disrespecting you.Also you might get shitty jobs in attacks like driving unless you like it of course.What would harm you're joining is probably would be OOC reasons, we don't want trolls and douches to RP with.IC claiming the gang even when you not in is wrong, if you do actions under name of ours before we know you will not fuck it up, will get your ass kicked and possibly rejected.If you're clever fella' and respect others and are here to have fun, you'll get through it easily.

When you reach your color and official tag, you are welcomed in gang and we aim it to be achievement with meaning instead of just another gang to RP with.To keep your tag you need to prove yourself daily, with filling expectations we wanted from you in outsider period.Climbing ranks is your second achievement or special spots in gang.

Temple Drive Ballas ranking structure

L.Y.G. (Little Young Gangster) - members under 18 years old

Invited to set, has not much respect and works under the name of gang representing it.

Y.G. (Young Gangster) - members over 18 years old

Ranked member, has little respect inside gang as street thug and is now protected by his homies, viceversa.

O.Y.G. (Original Young Gangster) - after 1-2 months of banging

From now on ranks shows your time in gang, depends from activity and actions what have you done to help gang get stronger and successful.

O.G. (Original Gangster) - after 4-6 months of banging

When you get here, you probably seen it all and gangbangers around city knows your name and what you represent.Most members don't climb higher than this but It's respectable rank due of the sweat you gave out.

O.O.G. (Double O.G.) - Second in charge.

There's no time limit for how long you've been gang banging for, this is given out for one exact person in gang who's seen capable to actually lead faction by himself, not just helping around the top dog.

O.O.O.G. (Tripple O.G.) - In charge.

Makes the decisions from feedback of other members about, alliances, new members and which direction factions should go.

Special spots

These are given out to members alongside their original rank, mostly in RP manner.


Is in charge of importing and exporting drugs when needed so.Usually this guy makes the deals with help of couple street thugs and takes trip to docks or wherever shipment is coming.Also assists other guys by teaching them tips with creating, stashing and transferring drugs.


Same as drug runner does but in different area, the weaponry.When gang is planning on job no matter is it bank heist or taking down member of enemy gang, this guy takes orders from members what's they're preference of weapon in this exact gig and contacts dealer.Organizes deal with him example in gang house but somewhere safe and makes sure everyone got theirs.Also since he's specialist in his job, teach others to prevent fingerprints in guns and fixes broken magazines and barrels if needed.


This guy is in control of income and outgo of economy.If you need bail out or supplies for gang job he's one to help you.He calculates how much money gang spends in goods and gets out of gigs they do, drug deals and robberies.Collects rent $500 a week per member for use of gang and 10% of members loot they got, either in cash or items and stashes money in gangs mutual "shoebox".

Temple Drive Ballas members





Los Santos Vagos


Varios Los Aztecas
Top Shottas
Gun Dealers
Front Yard Ballas
Kilo Tray Ballas
Rolling Heights Ballas


Grove Street Families
Seville B.L.V.D Families
Temple Drive Families

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Re: † Temple Drive Ballas † - Information

Post by 40oz on Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:32 pm



Name: Thomas Jones
Nickname: 40oz / TJ
Date of birth:18th December 1973
Adress:West Block 8434
Occupation: Known gang member


Height: 183cm
Weight: 115kg
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black, nappy
Birth marks: black spot at back of his neck, looks like heart symbol.
Tattoos: None
Additional info: Has left eye replaced with glass eye, sometimes uses cane as been shot in his leg.


Father: Maurice Jones
Mother: Alicia Jones
Sibblings: None
Girlfriend / Wife: None
Friends: Dayday, Denzel, Jett.


Food: Chicken.
Drink: Olde English 40 ounces.
Clothing: Anything baggy and breathing, brixton hats.
Music: Mostly hip-hop sometimes reggae, soul and funk.
Like people who: Are loyal, honest and real to themselves.
Dislike people who: Pretend a role, lies and is greedy.


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