40 Ounces Left - IC Storyline & Bio.

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40 Ounces Left - IC Storyline & Bio.

Post by 40oz on Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:27 am

He's known by over-weight issues, left eye replaced with glass made and very obnoxious and obscene way to talk when doing so.Residents of Market know him and know him fooling around and his pessimistic but same time naive and idealistic persona.He's name is Thomas Jones, strolling around Market with black and blue clothing, Nike sneakers and his favorite brixton hat.They claim him as TJ or 40oz because he's usually seen with the bottle, including when doing dirt with his gang he affiliated with.TJ has no fellow sibblings he is only child and both of his parents is alive, unlike most of them.They both live at western part of Market, reaching all the way till Verona Beach.When gaining age of 18 and got released from juve center, he never returned his childhood home hence the reality if he would, all they would do is claim what kind of loser he is and never would reach anything, like it has been.He decided to meet his older friend 'Toni and cut down small agreement with him.Ten pounds of cocaine, transformed into crack and that would be the start.TJ managed to scratch together first two months insurance rent and got his own place from Market, just next to Central Park and AS Hospital.This is when he expand to prescription and ecstasy pills and became his trademark as tabu slinger.Time passed and TJ began to see Ballas gang hanging, acting hard and selling drugs around cribs, one of them would become close friends with him.Denzel Banks, not affiliated with gangs either, hooked up with TJ and they started doing missions for Temple Drive Ballas set.All the blue collar crimes what you could list, they tried them.Guy named Jay took TJ and Banks under his wings, promised them spot inside crew if they stay loyal and do enough jobs for them.During the weeks what Denzel and Thomas spent together, some changes began happen inside gang, another guy in control Webad Young claimed to be guilty for murder of Jay, which made Young the leader.This didn't shake feelings of TJ as he didn't know Jay very well and didn't have deep relationship with him.But the indicent proved him that anything can happen when you're dealing with lifestyle criminals who's swore oath for their gang.Guy who go by name Tooshort and Young, who's known mostly as WY they drove outsiders for their rag up mission, which was drive-by shooting towards Seville Boulevard Families.Duo had never actually took a mans life so this wasn't no daily thing they were up to, but after getting drunk with few bottles of 40 ounces and joint of gang member name Dayday's super weed, gig felt like easy job.As their Impala floats down Playa Del, boys reloads nine millimeter handguns and begins to burst rounds at green clothed gang members, one at time they dropping.After few of them got, car speeds off to Willowfield alleyway, where WY hands both of the youths light purple rags and insists them to carry it with pride and prove themselves again everyday.

TJ is now baby gangster banging for Temple Drive set.After their jump in, a lot of new members started to come in and prove themselves and LS knew this.This caused daily attacks from Families against TDB, drive-by's brawls and even shoot-outs and of course all the heat 'caused nosey LSPD dig around too.Fast growth brought fast power and fast fall, members got caught so members started snitching, TDB had two snitches in two months and one they had to get his rag taken off and thrown off bridge for almost starting up war between Vagos and them.Because so much off unloyalty and members getting killed or kicked, Webad had to do something and he decided to sign set inside Ballas Nation.BN includes all gangs that go under Ballas flag, Front Yard, Kilo Tray, Rolling Heights and Temple Drive.Because drowning in such a powerful organization WY needed right hand for himself and picked up one of the others to represent the gang, due of his good behavior inside gang and not fucking up a once, he chose TJ for the job.Now when TDB is, not at its weakest but definitely not best period 40oz and WY with assist of loyal members Denzel, Dayday and Jefferey try to recruit as much street soldiers they can and patch up the situation.

Inside subway, passing by Market Station.


Name: Thomas Jones
Nickname: 40oz / TJ
Date of birth:18th December 1973
Adress:West Block 8434
Occupation: Known gang member


Height: 183cm
Weight: 115kg
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black, nappy
Birth marks: black spot at back of his neck, looks like heart symbol.
Tattoos: None
Additional info: Has left eye replaced with glass eye, sometimes uses cane as been shot in his leg.


Father: Maurice Jones
Mother: Alicia Jones
Sibblings: None
Girlfriend / Wife: None
Friends: WY, Dayday, Denzel, Jefferey, Tou' & Kou'.


Food: Chicken.
Drink: Olde English 40 ounces.
Clothing: Anything baggy and breathing, brixton hats.
Music: Mostly hip-hop sometimes reggae, soul and funk.
Like people who: Are loyal, honest and real to themselves.
Dislike people who: Pretend a role, lies and is greedy.


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