Seville BLVD Families | Info.

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Seville BLVD Families | Info.

Post by ThugLife on Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:39 pm

The Seville Boulevard Families is a black street gang from Playa Del Seville and Willowfield. It's one of the most dangerous gangs in Los Santos. They can be identified by their light green clothing, so that they distinguished themselves from the other family sets, Grove Street Families in Ganton and Temple Drive Families in Temple. They're usually seen smoking weed, drinking, and holding glocks and machine guns. People living in Seville and Willowfield aren't scared of them because the gang has a rule of respecting their hood and its residents.

Back in the mid 1980s the Orange Grove Families were extremely powerful and a big threat to the Los Santos Ballas. The members of the OGF were always unified, but that all changed when the drugs hit the hood in 1990. Some members wanted to get involved in the drug business, but their leader Sweet wouldn't allow drugs being sold and used in Ganton. They got angry at Sweet and decided to split from the OGF. Some of them moved to Seville and some moved to Temple. After they moved to Seville they were constantly getting attacked by the ballas in Willowfield. They eventually got sick of it and started recruiting other people from the hood into their gang. Once they had enough members they went to Emmet's gun place and told him that if he gave them all guns then they'll drive the ballas out of Willowfield for good. Emmet saw potential in them and gave all of them AKs and shotguns. Then when night came they went to Willowfield and started a shootout with the ballas. They did this every night and killed many ballas in the process. The ballas eventually left, then they took over Willowfield and made a name for themselves. They called themselves Seville Boulevard Families to represent the hood that they're from.



Original Gangsters


Little Gangsters

Grove Street Families - [GS]
Temple Drive Families - [TDF]

Gun Dealers - [GD]

Front Yard Ballas - [IB]
Rollin Heights Ballas - [JB]
Kilo Tray Ballas - [KTB]
Temple Drive Ballas - [TDB]
Varrios Los Aztecas - [Varios]
Los Santos Vagos - [V]
Drug Dealers - [TS]

How To Join SBF
Take an SBF skin and start roleplaying with us. Getting the official tag will take 1-3 weeks, depending on how good your roleplay is and how active you are. Also post screenshots of your roleplay on our thread so I can see your roleplay. Then after some time has passed I'll give you an SBF rag icly and let you have the tag next to your name.

IC Rules
Don't disrespect your leader and other members
Never snitch on your gang, snitches get their heads chopped off
If you see a rival gang member in the hood you could kill them or beat them up
Don't go into another hood unless you're putting in work or chilling with our allies.
Always help your homies when they need it
Always wear green clothing
Never go anywhere without your rag
Don't attract cops to the hood
Never attack a gang alone

OOC Rules
Always follow the server rules
Don't use /l too often
Always roleplay
Always show cop fear
If you leave SBF your character must either CKed or say that your character's been away
Always use skin ids 105, 106 and 107 (unless you have a donated skin)

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